Our Services

Our Services:
  1. Diaspora Advocacy:

  • Publicize and advocate the following : immigrants and refugees’ protection, relief, resettlement, repatriation, and help the vulnerable Iraqi Ethno-Religious minority groups re-gain their Rights,
  • Better address humanitarian concerns to protect vulnerable immigrants including those who are victims of crimes, domestic violence, and those who are fleeing persecution or stay away from the in their homeland persecution,
  • Explore and advocate for healthcare, cultural and heritage preservation, humanitarian funding for humanitarian aid providing agencies,
  • Push for the Reform of the US Immigration Acts,
  • Expedite Refugee Resettlement through US, Canada, and Australia Refugee Admission Programs
  • Advocate for the protection and repatriation of the war torn and displaced people,
  • Keep families together by working on eliminating the existing significant delay or blockage in the family-sponsored immigration system

2. Community Empowerment:

Offering innovative initiatives and programs to maintain durable solutions and to empower people to build strong sustainable communities.

3. Consultancy:

In utilization of more than three decades of expertise and in partnership with humanitarian NGOs, Resettlement Agencies, Health Care Providers, and Pro-bono Legal Immigration Clinics of Universities and Private Law Firms we provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Immigrants and Refugees ; Civil Rights and responsibilities, Access to public benefits and programs, Relief programs for the exploited and victims of torture, and offering family re-union solutions,
  • Programs for the disadvantaged and vulnerable minority groups to ensure their constitutional rights and to preserve their history, culture and heritage in their homeland ,
  • Immigrants and Refugees’ Protection, Resettlement and Placement Support Programs, and by offering programs for quick integration and acculturation in their new American Communities linguistically, civically, socially and economically
  • Immigration services in the areas of Petitions, Asylum, and Detention and Removals,
  • Assist in earning US Citizenship and work on documenting the undocumented
  • Ensure people their Civil Rights and Civil Liberty including the Anti-Discrimination privileges,
  • Promote streamlining immigration by helping obtain visas to foreign entrepreneurs looking to start businesses in America and to reunify families in humane manor.