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New Advocacy Group Launched to Empower and Assist Iraqi Christians

January 9, 2013 West Bloomfield, MI — (USA)

The new year heralded the launch of the Iraqi Christians Advocacy and Empowerment Institute (ICAE) in West Bloomfield.  ICAE  a non-profit organization continues the community’s 30-year commitment  to meet the pressing needs of the Iraqi religious minorities and refugees. ICAE’s  founder and president, Joseph T.  Kassab, a lifelong human rights activist and advocate, describes the institute’s mission  as focused on, “… Becoming the world’s most engaged, effective and visible advocate of Iraqi Christians and other minority groups in the homeland and the global Diaspora  dedicated to ensuring  their safety and human dignity, while empowering them with hope, skills and the voice of self-determination.”  ICAE Institute will initiate and enhance advocacy efforts across all sectors –political, social, and economic justice to influence and re-frame public policies towards what are now the “forgotten” Iraqi Christians and other minorities fleeing the post-war turmoil in their homeland.  The ICAE trusts that its initiatives will re-build and re-create a sustainable community that will treasure and preserve  the 5000 –year-old  cultural and religious heritage.

With plans underway to establish offices in Washington and in Iraq, the ICAE is also a  member organization of the California-based  Chaldean-Middle Eastern Social Services (C-MSS) www.c-mss.org,  a humanitarian, social, and healthcare services provider to refugees and immigrants  across the four states of : Arizona, California, Nevada, and Michigan.

ICAE is currently looking for volunteers and donors. Interested persons are invited to contact the ICAE. For more information, please contact:

Joseph T. Kassab, MSC, BS, GC, Founder and President, and C-MSS Regional Director-Michigan, (248) 882-1912 or jkassab@advocatestoempower.org. 5779 W. Maple Road Suite 106, West Bloomfield, MI 48322.

About Joseph Kassab

Joseph is recognized for his unwavering and passionate commitment, creative advocacy and community organizer and for his international expertise on human and religious affairs and on the plight of the Aramaic speaking Christians of Iraq.

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