About Us

“People innovatively empowering people to build sustainable and prosperous communities


Iraqi Christians Advocacy and Empowerment Institute (ICAE) is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization continues the community’s 30-year commitment to meet the pressing needs of the Iraqi religious minorities and refugees. ICAE’s founder and president, Joseph T.  Kassab, a lifelong human rights activist and advocate, visions the institute’s mission as focused on, “… Becoming the world’s most engaged, effective and visible advocate of Iraqi Christians and other minority groups in the homeland and the global Diaspora  dedicated to ensuring  their safety and human dignity, while empowering them with hope, skills and the voice of self-determination.”  ICAE Institute will initiate and enhance advocacy efforts across all sectors –political, social, and economic justice to influence and re-frame public policies towards what are now the “forgotten” Iraqi Christians and other minorities fleeing the post-war turmoil in their homeland.  The ICAE trusts that its initiatives will re-build and re-create a sustainable community that will treasure and preserve the 5000 –year-old cultural and religious heritage.

With plans underway to establish offices in Washington and in Iraq, the ICAE is also a member organization of the California-based Chaldean-Middle Eastern Social Services (C-MSS) www.c-mss.org , a humanitarian, social, and healthcare services provider to refugees and immigrants  across the four states of : Arizona, California, Nevada, and Michigan.


Even as we carry forward the 5,000 year-legacy of our cultural and religious heritage, the ICAE mission is to create a better present life for our people in the homeland; Iraq, in countries of first origin, and in the US arising from the four pillars of our vision which reaffirm ourselves as a community and as a people:

  1. Respect for our humanity
  2. Restoration of our human rights
  3. Reaffirmation of ourselves as members of the community and as individuals
  4. Re-vitalization of our capabilities


Our work cuts across all sectors of society: health, education, business, labor/work force, faith based and community based organizations guided by the core values of:

  • Respect toward all persons as members of the human family
  • Hope– with trust in a better tomorrow
  • Integrity—honesty and transparency to honor the faith and confidence of our members, sponsors, partnering organizations and the people we serve
  • Courage—stepping forward to give voice to the voiceless, irrespective of the public sentiment or the so-called “political correctness” of the day


With an eye on tomorrow we will work on to create a better present and promising future to empower our communities through:

1. Global Career Education programs for 21st Century Employment and foreign government’s scholarships and fellowships for homeland and Diaspora community members,

2. Jobs placement initiatives and employment enhancement programs,

3. Economic development and entrepreneurship to quickly excel and integrate with the fast moving Global economy,

4. Investing in people by improving human services; health, housing, family and cross-cultural/resettlement adjustment, mental health, child and elder care,

5. Heritage language and cultural preservation and enhancement,

6. Ensure and protect the constitutional rights of the vulnerable and disadvantaged minority groups in their homeland; Iraq.


I- Diaspora Advocacy:

1- Encourage immigrants and refugees’ protection, relief, resettlement or voluntarily  repatriation,

2- Ensure the constitutional  rights  of the vulnerable  Ethno-Religious groups in Iraq,

3- Address the humanitarian concerns to assist the immigrants including those who are victims of crimes, domestic violence, and those who are fleeing persecution or wanted to stay away from the in their homeland persecution,

4- Preserve the cultural and heritage of the endangered minority groups in Iraq ,

5- Push for the Reform of the US Immigration Act,

6- Advance and expand Refugee admission programs in the US, Canada, and Australia,

7- Ensure keeping families together (family reunification) by working on eliminating the existing significant delays or blockages in the family-sponsored immigration system,

8- Promote the increase of representation of Christians in the Federal, Region, and State Assemblies,

9- Fulfillment of Iraq’s obligation to respect international human rights guidelines

10-  Thrust for adequately financed and rationally conceived programs designed to facilitate the voluntary return of the minorities’  refugees and the internally displaced

II- People Empowerment: Offering innovative initiatives and programs to maintain durable solutions  and to empower people to build strong sustainable communities through:

a- Organize people leadership, training, and capacity building,

b- Introduce women and youths health and academic education, vocations and empowerment programs,

c-Promote laws and regulations that give communities a voice,

d- Introduce economic development and mobility enhancement including microfinance and auto loan programs

e- Increase community awareness and reach out programs

f- Increase inland and Diaspora investments in the infrastructure of previously marginalized areas populated mainly by minorities

III- Consultancy Services and Programs  : Implementing the more than three decades of expertise , some in partnership with humanitarian NGOs, Resettlement Agencies, Health Care Providers,  and Pro-bono Legal Immigration Clinics of Universities and Private Law Firms we  provide consultancy services in the following areas:

  • Immigrants and Refugees ; ensure civil rights and responsibilities, access to public benefits and programs, help in admission processing, relief programs for the exploited and victims of torture, and offering family re-union solutions,
  • Programs for the disadvantaged and vulnerable minority groups  to ensure their constitutional rights and to preserve their history, culture and heritage in their homeland ,
  • Immigrants and refugees’ protection, resettlement and placement Support Programs, and by offering programs for quick integration and acculturation  in their new American Communities linguistically, civically, socially , and economically,
  •  Immigration services in the areas of  petitions, asylum, and detention and removals,
  • Assist in earning US Citizenship and work on documenting the undocumented
  •  Promote streamlining immigration by helping obtain visas to foreign entrepreneurs looking to start businesses in America and to reunify families in humane manor
  • Support entrepreneurs in pursuing business investment opportunities.